Music Blocks Website Now in Japanese is now in Japanese as well as in English!

Utilizing the Polylang plugin for WordPress, this site is now in Japanese. Devin Ulibarri is the current author for all of the Japanese pages and posts, but if you have any interest please contact us and let us know. We are happy to have new contributors.

The Japanese version of the site will not be a complete mirror of the English version of the site. We will, however, translate important pages, although they will be published later than their English counterparts.

Language Button at Upper-Right of Sidebar
Language Button at Upper-Right of Sidebar

To check out the Japanese site, you can click on the “Japanese” icon in the upper-right of the sidebar or follow this link.

Because Music Blocks is used widely in Japan, we thought that this would be a nice addition to the site. Please share the news with other interested individuals and groups.