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There are some examples in the /examples folder in the code:

More Example Projects

Snake maker 5000 with SCROLL!

Student project with some added bells and whistles (i.e. interactive scroll)!

mouse chase one-octave piano-xylophone

Squeaky mouse chase piano with random sounds. (More complex version of “make a piano”)

Bands don’t play in sync (melody from hertz)

Ever wonder what the *math* is behind a band when they are not yet in sync? Well this Music Blocks project is the answer. Uses hertz to create melodies (and harmonies). Uses random in a way that the results will never be the same. Have fun tweaking the parameters and hearing the results.

Scalar remix of Deducto

Remixes the classic “deducto” program to quiz the user between scalar motions and skips.

Spiral Notation

Spiral Music by connecting pitch to color and note value with radius.

Geometry and Rhythms Complete Project

A simple program that uses box to tie the divisions of a circle with note value. Change in color and change in radius is used to help see how each result differs.


Graphical display of a chromatic scale of fifths and sixths. (Note the volume also changes through the progression.)

12 Keys Circles and NTH

Via n^th modal pitch and some fun calculations we can generate all 12 keys. The 12 spirals was not originally intended, but I have kept it as it is nice. — Devin

Interval Staff Painter

Choose an interval via “scalar interval” and paint your pitches along a staff. The second mouse will maintain the interval that you specify at the beginning.

Present: Music Blocks of 2020

Past: Music Blocks in 2016

Screenshot of Music Blocks
Screenshot of Music Blocks taken December 7th, 2016