Canson Englesa Music Blocks Transcription

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post created by Suri via the Contribute a Post feature on this website. It has been minimally edited by Devin Ulibarri.

This is how I transcribed Canson Englesa by Emanuel Adriaenssen into Music Blocks.

I used two mice. One for the melody and one for the bass. I split the parts that repeated into action blocks to make it easier for me to transcribe which is why you see some of the same action blocks repeated in the melody and bass start blocks. The action blocks named A with a number succeeding it are part of the melody and action blocks named B with a number succeeding it are part of the bass.

For the chords in the bass in measures 9 – 16 I used a scalar interval block to make the process faster. The scalar interval block plays the note you put in and the note that’s however many notes away from it. For example, if I put in a mi that’s the 4th octave and put in -5 then it’ll play a sol on the 3rd octave.

Thank you for reading! You can check out the project by opening it using the project link! Feel free to like the project if you enjoyed. I hope this blog post was useful!

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