Welcome to the Music Blocks website hosted by musician and educator, Devin Ulibarri!

Music Blocks software is Free/Libre Software designed for teachers and learners to explore the fundamental concepts of music in a fun, scalable, and open-ended visual-coding environment.

Curious what this software is about? Please watch this video to check out what Music Blocks is and why we think that Music Blocks software is cool.

Wanna’ try Music Blocks software?

Music Blocks is in active development. You can try a couple different versions of the software:

  1. (Recommended!) A stable and up-to-date branch of Music Blocks on Walter Bender’s Github site at http://walterbender.github.io/musicblocks/
  2. Play Music Blocks right here on musicblocks.net at http://play.musicblocks.net (Updated 07-22-2016 – Code available at https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks – on Pull Request from Pikurasa, “HEAD is now at b296464… Added Richard Hermann to the names in CREDITS”)